Solar Panels Across the West Midlands

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Synergy Power is a 21st century company embracing the need to provide renewable energy to the UK. We provide photovoltaic installations to domestic and commercial  customers, and operate throughout:

  • The Midlands
  • Hertfordshire
  • Bedfordshire
  • Buckinghamshire

We are able to work together with homeowners, councils, developers and business owners to meet our company targets of increasing the amount of electricity produced whilst reducing CO2 emissions with our high tech solar power panels.

Renewable Energy Installers and Experts in Solar PV

Every solar PV system installed by Synergy Power is individually designed to meet the customer’s requirements; we have the knowledge and machinery to build bespoke fixings if required for both commercial solar panels and domestic solar panels. All of our trusted employees are carefully selected to work with us and are all individually trained for their specific role within the business.

Certified for Solar Power Installations

Synergy Power is accredited by the REAL Assurance and Microgeneration certification schemes meaning all of our solar power panels installations meet high UK standards and are eligible for the Feed-In Tariff.

Fighting Climate Change and High Energy Bills

At Synergy Power, we are not only working to fight climate change but also to give help and guidance to our customers in order to protect them against the escalating energy prices. As the average electricity consumption continues to climb, we want to help you reduce your utility bills and become more energy efficient.

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We hope to convince you that our solar power panels are the ideal energy saving devices for your property!

Please contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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