Domestic Energy Storage

Improve Your Solar PV Systems Efficiency By Having Energy Storage

We monitor around 200 domestic properties to learn about the impact Solar harvesting has on their overall electricity usage and to understand the energy balance of a typical household more closely.

A very common scenario is like this:

Domestic Battery Storage

This is a live plant with no battery storage it is 4.9kwp on a south-facing roof. A family of Five reside here with typical domestic electrical loads. No electric vehicles, electric underfloor heating, Hot tubs & pumps.

Solar production

On average they are consuming 44% of the generated solar electricity for the month of April, 56% of the a valuable resource is being exported into the national grid.

Site electricity consumption

51% of the site's electricity needs are being provided by the Solar PV system & 49% of the electricity requirement is coming in from the national grid.

The solution to solar's oldest problem

Save your solar energy for when you need it most - Simple!

Domestic Battery Storage

Solar Generation seldom coincides with demand.

When this happens, excess solar power is exported to the national grid resulting in a lost opportunity for savings.

Did you know that the average home fitted with a solar PV system in the UK exports as much as 60% of its power to the grid?

Peak generation from your solar PV system, of course, depends on the weather, but most of the time it's at about midday, but the peak energy demand in your home occurs mainly in the mornings and evenings.

By adding battery storage to the plant the self-consumption figures would see a very positive increase & improve the overall efficiency of a Solar PV system.

We are able to offer you battery storage products from the planets leading manufacturers;

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Typical 3-phase Hybrid Energy Storage Install