Domestic Solar Panels

Solar Panels for Home Use have never been more affordable!

Whether you're just generally eco-friendly or a crusader for the environment, you'll find that families across the UK are increasingly looking to go green and drive down their energy bills at the same time. Solar power panels can be an exceptionally lucrative investment option in enabling you to both reduce your carbon footprint and become more self-sufficient by producing a large proportion of the energy you require to power your home. As one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy on the market and available in a range of designs, domestic solar panels enable you to contribute to a greener world and reduce your energy consumption, guilt-free.

Eco-friendliness aside, the financial returns you can produce on your domestic solar panels are not to be sniffed at! Especially with the Feed In Tariff scheme, you can actually receive money from the government for each unit of electricity that you generate and receive additional payment by exporting any surplus energy back to the main grid. Guaranteed by the British government and tax-free, there’s no reason not to capitalize on the great savings you'll make and the chance to make a tangible return on your investment in the process.

You don't even have to worry about those typically British cloudy and overcast days! Solar power panels generate electricity from natural daylight and will only stop working when the sun goes down.

I'm interested in solar panels for home use. Is my property suitable?

The good news is the majority of houses in the UK are perfectly suitable for solar panels and our experienced solar PV installers are well positioned to guide you through the range of options available to you.

Three major factors affect your property’s suitability for a solar PV system and dictate the level of efficiency you can expect when operating it:

    • The direction your roof faces

The direction your house faces affects the amount of sunlight your domestic solar panels will receive. A south facing roof will receive the greatest amount of sunlight. However, domestic solar panels facing east and west are still very efficient.

    • The angle of your roof

The angle of your roof affects the amount of sunlight the solar PV system will receive and therefore the amount of energy generated by the domestic solar panels.

    • The shading your roof receives from the surroundings

Shading on your roof from trees or surrounding houses will have an impact on the amount of energy your domestic solar panels can produce.

When planning your solar PV installation, all of these factors are taken into consideration.

Our experienced Survey Team and Installers will advise you on the most suitable solution to ensure your new system makes your home as energy efficient as possible and complements your home's aesthetics. Our tough, domestic solar panels are incredibly low-maintenance and with no moving parts, you can be assured of hassle-free energy production for years to come. Make an environmentally conscious statement to your neighbours, add some value to your property and safeguard yourself against the rising cost of energy bills now with the expert installers at Synergy Power!