Growatt Energy Storage



1-3kW, Single Phase AC-coupled, Low Voltage Battery


Single phase battery add-on AC-coupled solution for updating existing solar system to storage system, compatible with low voltage battery, maximize your solar system self-consumption and reduce your electricity bill. The EPS output can even provide backup supply during grid absence.

  • USER-FRIENDLY : Compact design Local graphical LCD and 4 buttons
  • FLEXIBLE : Programmable working modes Online smart service
  • SAFE & RELIABLE : Smart battery management IP65 & natural cooling Support backup function

Company Profile

Growatt is a new energy enterprise dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of PV inverters including on-grid, off-grid and storage inverters, and user side smart energy management solutions as well. The power capacity of Growatt on-grid inverters ranges from 750W to 250 kW, meanwhile its off-grid and storage inverters cover a power range from 1 kW to 630 kW. Growatt inverters are extensively used worldwide for applications in residential, commercial, PV poverty alleviation, utility-scale scenarios as well as other storage power station projects.

Since its foundation in 2010, Growatt has established branch offices one after another in Germany, US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, India, Netherlands, etc in order to better serve the customers across the globe. Growatt always sticks to the R&D investment and technology innovation, and provides customers with premium products and services through its core inverter technology, rigorous quality control and continuous improvement of customer service. By the end of 2019, Growatt has shipped over 1.7 million inverters to over 100 countries and regions across the globe. Growatt has been recognized as the No.1 Chinese Residential PV Inverter Brand, three years in a row according to PVBL. By 2018 Growatt has become the TOP 3 single-phase inverter brand according to the IHS Markit’s world inverter shipment ranking.

Growatt will always insist on leading technology and put quality in the first place with its people-oriented and client-oriented spirit. And Growatt will continue to integrate global resources, promote technology innovation and strive to lead in providing user side smart energy solutions across the world.


Battery storage options

Growatt energy storage comes in Hybrid or AC Coupled options.

Please refer to our Hybrid Vs AC coupled section as this may help you understand the best suited option for you.


Hybrid Charge controllers are available in 3.0kw, 5.0kw & 6.0Kw

Battery pack

Battery pack options are available in 3.3 kwh & 6.5 kwh

The 6.5 kwh battery module can be coupled to provide a maximum of 13.0 kwh storage capacity.

The 3.3 kwh battery module can be coupled to provide a maximum of 19.8 kwh storage capacity.

Battery chemistry

Growatt uses lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, which is one of the most reliable, safe and long-lasting lithium battery technologies available.

UK based service support on hand to assist you

UK based service support team or on hand for after sales care & to assist with any technical issues that you may need support with

How much space will I need?

The storage system consists of Two items

Battery charge inverter


428 *458* 180mm W/H/D

Battery module 6.5kwh


475/765/145mm W/H/D

3.3 Kwh battery module


444/394/131 mm W/H/D


A great product from a globally acclaimed manufacturer that have a good track record in manufacturing high efficiency products that have a low failure rate.

The pricing point is very attractive & a very popular energy storage option for many.

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