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Solaredge – Connected in parallel

Increased output

SolarEdge systems can output significantly more solar power in all weather conditions. With a SolarEdge system, there is a small PowerPoint tracker integrated into each solar panel, which allows for each individual panel to output power independently from the other panels, significantly increasing system output. According to Renewable Energy World, shading of as little as 9% of a solar system connected to a central inverter, can lead to a system-wide decline in power output with as much as 54%.

Power Tolerance

Solar panels are manufactured with power tolerance. Each manufacturer is different, however, the better brands tend to have a 3% range in tolerance. For example, a 320W panel from LG Solar will be anything from 320W up to 329.6W. Q Cells Q.Pro panels have a +5W tolerance so a 265W panel will be anything from 265W to 270W and so on. The only way to take advantage of this is to use a system such as SolarEdge that features panel level output, otherwise you will be outputting power at the rate of the worst performing panel in your array. At best this will be at the panels’ rating, at worst it may be much less.

Panel level system monitoring

A SolarEdge system comes with panel-level monitoring, free for life. This is a valuable feature for both system owners and for us as the installer because it allows our support team to identify faults on individual panels also monitor system performance, system status and you can access detailed output graphs over time at the module level.

An independent study found some panels performed under their claimed nominal power, some by as much as 10W. Because only one panel was used in the test, it was impossible to draw strong conclusions about certain brands, however, it certainly drew attention to the fact that there are some large inconsistencies between a manufacturer’s claimed nominal power and real-world output. For example, a 260W panel from one of the largest manufacturers in China scored a test result of 251W. This inconsistency highlights just how critical it is to have access to panel level monitoring.

Solaredge Vs Standard string inverter

One of the biggest limitations with standard string inverter systems is that the panels are installed in series, meaning that the system will always perform at the rate of the worst performing panel. This means that partial shade on even just one panel can have a large impact on the output of a system.

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Home Automation

You can now be sitting in the office, and with the touch of a button on your mobile phone turn on your air conditioner to run on excess solar power to cool down your house before you come home. You can also program appliances such as the pool pumps, hot water system and even under - floor heating to run on excess solar power when it is available, turning your solar system into a complete energy solution.

System Safety

SolarEdge systems feature increased safety, minimising both fire risk and electrocution risk:

  • Whenever AC power in the home is off, the SolarEdge DC wires are automatically de - energised to 1V. Power optimisers shut down the DC voltage in the PV wires to protect installers, maintenance personnel, and firefighters.
  • SolarEdge inverters also have a built - in protection designed to mitigate the effects of some arcing faults that may pose a risk of fire.

Site Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a high-level view of the information collected by the monitoring platform for a specific site.

To access a site's dashboard, simply click on the site name in the home page site list. If you only have access to one site, the site's Dashboard is automatically displayed.

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Physical mapping of your PV array

This must be one of the key benefits of investing with solaredge to manage your PV array. Having a physical of your solar plant will help you ensure & see the health of the PV panels on the roof.

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You will notice the 5th PV module in the array above is no longer working, without the benefit of physical mapping potentially how many years could pass by without the fault ever being picked up? Solaredge eliminates this problem with their physical map function.


A market leading product with a 25-year manufacturer product warranty, If budget allows this upgrade it would be money very well invested.

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Inverter replacement service

We can also quote you for any inverter type of your choice, please do not hesitate to contact us for an inverter replacement quote.