Social Energy

Social energy Are the Energy Disrupter...

Delivering up to 70% Cheaper Electricity for Your Home*

Green Electricity

up to 70% cheaper*

We connect our customers’ solar to approved energy storage products and trade this energy through our artificial intelligent software and utility. This means we can pass the savings and earnings back to our customers, resulting in an electricity bill that’s up to 70% cheaper*.

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We put the Power in Your Hands.

Every social network and disruptive platform has an app - so do Social Energy. See your trades, track your savings and view your bill instantly.

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How it works

1. Book an Appointment

Social Energy isn’t like other utilities, our specialist hardware and software helps deliver incredible savings tailored to you. But, it’s not for everyone. That’s why we need to conduct a home assessment. With over 500 accredited energy assessors in the UK, it’s easy to get an appointment. Just click the button to get started.

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2. Home Survey

During your survey, our specialist will answer all of your questions and assess your energy requirements, solar system and combined energy usage. They will use this information to find the perfect Social Energy package for your home.

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3. Installation

Once you decide to go ahead, your installer and Social Energy will take care of the whole process, with installation being completed within one day. Your energy switch to Social Energy utility can take up to 28 days, but once you’re switched, your battery and hub will start trading and swapping, to earn your money.

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4. Earnings & Savings

70% of all of the earnings and savings generated by the Social Energy network’s trading are distributed out to each customer, via a credit on your bill.

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