Sonnen Batterie – Owned by Shell

Domestic Battery Storage

The Sonnen Battery is a reliable, durable, German-made home battery

The Sonnen battery, also known as sonnen Batterie, is made by German company, Sonnen GmbH.

It allows you to:

  • Store excess solar electricity for later use
  • Store cheap, off-peak electricity for later use
  • Power devices in your home
  • Charge your electric car

Also allows some power in a power-cut (via the additional sonnenBackup-Box purchased at additional cost).

EPS – Emergency Power Supply – Extra costs

Should you wish to create an EPS infrastructure then additional adaptation work would need to be considered. Costs for this service vary from site to site and can range from between £500 to £995.

Domestic Battery Storage

Sonnen GmbH

You probably haven’t heard of the parent company, Sonnen GmbH. However, Sonnen is a significant, long-term player in the energy storage market.

Sonnen was founded in 2010 in Germany. It has already installed over 10,000 battery storage systems worldwide. In 2019, it was bought by Shell New Energies, so expect their muscular marketing machine to get the Sonnen name inside your head soon.

Sonnen has therefore built up tremendous real-world experience in home solar batteries. Its Sonnen Battery range is reliable, efficient, and safe. Just what you’d expect from a German manufacturer.

Sonnen Battery Chemistry

The battery chemistry in the sonnenBatterie range is lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). The two main advantages of LiFePO4 chemistry are:

1. High safety standards, and

2. The batteries last a long time.
Sonnen believes lithium iron phosphate is the most environmentally friendly, sustainable battery technology currently available.

The Sonnen Battery should appeal to:

  • Electric car owners who have, or are going to get, solar panels.
  • Customers who want home battery storage from an experienced manufacturer.
  • People who want to make use of smart tariffs and charge off-peak.
  • Customers who would like a nice-looking, all-in-one product on their wall.

Domestic Battery Storage

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