Commercial PV

Producing solar power at source really makes good financial sense for many non-domestic buildings & businesses that have a high spend on their electricity bills.

One major attraction is that the average lifetime costs per kWh of solar electricity is 6.0p when compared to the average prevailing rate of 12-14p when procured from the grid-based suppliers. Grid electricity prices tend double almost every five years whilst the lifetime cost of your solar electricity is fixed at around 6.0pp per kWh.


PV for Construction



We have over eight years of experience with working all sizes of construction sites. We always aim to deliver our projects on time & are very reactive to any change in build schedules.

  • We can assist with System Design & Solar PV Related Services
  • CAD design, drawings and layouts
  • Mechanical & Electrical Design and Specification
  • Bespoke design solutions
  • Design from SAP

Battery storage


The solution to Solar’s oldest problem

  • Save your solar energy for when you need it most - Simple!
  • Solar Generation seldom coincides with demand.
  • When this happens, excess solar power is exported to the national grid resulting in a lost opportunity for savings.
  • Did you know that the average property that is fitted with a solar PV system in the UK exports as much as 60% of its power to the grid?