Buying process

The following is a typical way of how we go about with handling your enquiry.

Please note that whilst the below is a typical structure for a solar PV enquiry, the general order will also apply to other technology enquiries.

For Solar PV


When you make an enquiry with us, a member of our team will qualify your site and information provided to assess the viability of your project. If enquiring online, the following information will help us make a more accurate qualifying assessment.

  • Your expectations in PV investment
  • Prevailing electricity usage and demand pattern
  • Full Details of the site
  • Why PV is on the Agenda

If the project or site shows potential, one of our PV planners will make telephone contact to discuss needs. Half hourly electricity data would be extremely helpful to us.

Site Survey

  • Determine the suitability of your roof for installing solar PV; condition,
  • Identify inverter locations and cable requirements
  • Carry out a risk assessment
  • Health and safety considerations


  • Advice on maximum sized investment option that is open to you
  • System design options
  • Product specification
  • Expected PV gain and carbon offset
  • Pricing
  • District network operator (DNO) applications


Once designs and financials are approved, we can then proceed in obtaining all the permissions that are required This includes planning permission, grid connection and any additional items that may be required in certain circumstances. Structural surveys may also be recommended.


Your project will be assigned to one of our PV planners who act as your point of contact during the installation.

Specifics of the installation process, including delivering equipment to site, Scaffolding are unique to each scheme and will be set out in the proposed programme of works.

The timescale to install a PV system will depend on the size of the Scheme. A typical 50kWp system will usually take around 6-8 days from works commencing.


An O+M pack will be handed to you on the demonstration of your PV plant.

Synergy Power will assist you in registering the PV Plant for the (SEG) Smart export guarantee if applicable.