Commercial Solar Panels at Virtually No Cost!


Cost effective solar panels for commercial buildings and properties

If you're a cutting-edge business with an inclination towards the environment, we'd love to hear from you. We have been installing our quality solar panels and creating energy efficient business across the West Midlands for years and are always keen to help other forward-thinking companies reduce their average energy consumption and slash their utility bills.

Get Paid to Generate Renewable Energy

While you're saving the planet and reaping the rewards of energy reduction, go ahead and take advantage of the government’s feed-in tariff scheme, as well. If you're utilising solar power to produce electricity, you can paid for all of the energy that you produce! On top of reducing your energy bills and overheads, you can actually receive funding to help pay for your solar power panels. Up to 15.44 per kwh is paid to companies just like yours which are utilising solar panels. Not to mention, the costs incurred by ever-increasing energy bills never need to be a concern of yours!

As long as your roof meets the basic standards to support a solar pv installation, you can convert your roof into a profit-generator and energy-saver with our help. Even though you’ll likely require a larger configuration of solar panels than the average domestic client, bear in mind that you can offset your expenditure against your business’ corporation tax profits. With so many options in place to finance our commercial solar panels, there’s no reason to delay offsetting your carbon footprint any longer!

Commercial Solar Panels
Commercial Solar Panels
Commercial Solar Panels
Commercial Solar Panels

Free, No Obligation Quotes

Our highly experienced solar panel installers are happy to survey your property for free to determine if you should require a bespoke mounting system or any other alterations that we could offer you. Take advantage of the cleanest method of energy production on the market with our no-maintenance solar panels and stabilise your company’s electricity for years to come.

If you're in business, you know that it’s important to get a solid return on your investment in anything you do. Our eco-friendly solar panels provide sustainable and long-lasting energy solutions for your business; call us today to speak with our qualified solar PV installers now!