Energy Efficiency Financing from the Carbon Trust and Siemens Financial Services

Synergy Power is proud to be one of just a handful of suppliers approved by the Energy Efficiency Financing scheme provided by Siemens Financial Services and the Carbon Trust. Energy efficient technology is a shrewd investment for any business; not only is it environmentally responsible, it can also save money and ultimately improve profitability.

Renewable Energy Financing for Businesses

The scheme offers financing options for a wide range of businesses that are seeking to reduce their energy consumption, provided they have been in operation for a minimum of 36 months. All kinds of renewable energy systems are eligible for financial support from the Energy Efficiency Financing scheme, including Synergy Power’s entire product range.

The Energy Efficiency Financing scheme is designed to pay for itself; the payments for your new renewable energy system and its installation are offset against the anticipated energy savings. Financial support can be arranged from as little as £1000 and has no upper limits as long as the proposed project meets some basic criteria set by Siemens and the Carbon Trust.

Benefits of Energy Efficiency Financing include:

Quick and convenient

Synergy Power are happy to manage every aspect of the project for you, from the initial application for financing through to supply and installation, leaving you to focus on your day-to-day business operations.


The Energy Efficiency Financing scheme works in such a way that your payments are offset against your expected energy savings, meaning that your equipment is designed to pay for itself. After making all of your payments, you should expect to continue to make savings or even generate an income year-on-year.


Siemens Financial Services offer flexible financing schemes that are tailored to suit your business’s circumstances. Payment plans are typically arranged over a 7 year term, but this can be extended in some cases.

Fixed payments

Payments are fixed and therefore not affected by any fluctuations in interest rates, which makes budgeting easy.

Greater financial freedom

Energy Efficiency Financing is financed directly through Siemens Financial Services, allowing you to preserve any existing credit lines with your bank. The scheme allows you the flexibility to conserve your existing working capital for other business requirements and projects.

Tax efficient

The scheme has been designed to be tax efficient. Your payments may be offset against tax, depending on your circumstances.

Future proofed

The scheme allows you to upgrade your renewable energy system in the future, in accordance with any changing business requirements.

For more information regarding these finance options, please call us or send an enquiry via the contact page.