Green Deal Solar Panels

Reducing energy use with renewable energy

The Green Deal Scheme was initiated by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to assist everyone from homeowners to major corporations in harnessing alternative energy sources to reduce their average energy consumption by installing environmentally friendly technology onto their buildings.

The Green Deal is the Government's flagship policy for improving energy efficiency in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Although it is a Government initiative, it is not dependent on subsidies or grants and instead is funded via private investment that is driven by customer demand, the key principle being that energy efficiency measures can self-fund through subsequent savings in energy costs.

Solar panels that pay for themselves!

As Britain’s buildings age and deplete in value, it becomes ever more crucial that eco-friendly home improvements are carried out to upgrade the energy efficiency of homes and commercial premises. If you've been looking for assistance towards a smoother transition to sustainable energy and meeting the costs of investing in our solar PV technology, Green Deal solar panels could be the answer to your problems! Requiring no upfront costs for installation, the Green Deal states that your electricity savings be equal to (or in excess of) the costs of having our solar panels installed and you can pay off your new solar panels via the savings you make on your utility bills.

The costs of solar power panels (both the installation and technology) are dropping rapidly and their capacity is ever-expanding; investing in Green Deal solar panels could enable you to begin generating around 40% of the energy that you're used to simply consuming.

Get the ball rolling today by phoning us to discuss arranging a thorough assessment of your property to determine your suitability for Green Deal solar panels. We'll help you get started by discussing your eligibility for the scheme and suggestions about the solar PV systems that would best suit your buildings. Let the Green Deal pull together the money for your solar panel installation and start reaping the rewards of renewable energy today!