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April Feed In Tariff Cut Confirmed

The feed-in tariff rates for both the 0-10kW and 50kW-5MW capacity bands will degrees by 3.5% from April 2015

The latest figures published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change show that 124 MW of capacity was deployed in Q4, 2014 in the 0-10KW band - just over the government's deployment trigger value of 100MW.

According to the Solar Trade Association (STA), this is the first time since 2012 that the residential sector has triggered a digression through growth, rather than an automatic digression every nine months.

David Pickup, Business Analyst for the STA, said "These latest statistics show that the FIT solar PV market is seeing healthy growth with plenty of solar going up on domestic and commercial roofs as well as small solar farms"

Over 125,000 residential properties across the UK took advantage of the Solar PV FIT in 2014.