Solar Panel Information

Solar Panel Information

How Does Solar Power Work?

A solar photovoltaic system generates electricity on a small scale by converting natural light into electricity with ZERO waste and emissions. Much as a conventional energy user purchases their electricity from a central supplier, the cells on your solar panels capture light which becomes electricity that is directly usable throughout your home or business premises.

Don't fall prey to the misconception that solar panels can only produce energy on a bright, sunny day! Even if it’s cloudy in Manchester or raining over Glasgow, the daylight (however minimal it may be) is plenty for your solar panels and electricity will still be supplied to your home. Fabricated from aluminium or high grade steel, your panels will never rust, so rest assured that you can enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient house for years to come!

With a variety of roof mounting systems available for our solar panels, which we supply from top German manufacturers, we are guaranteed to suit the individual requirements of each of our customers, even if you have an unusual sort of roof for solar PV installation! Partnered with steel fabrication specialists, we can custom make a mounting framework for your solar panels, if necessary. Our solar pv installers regularly design and install such frameworks which suit our client’s bespoke guidelines as well as building regulations.


About Solar Power Panels

  1. Daylight hits the Photovoltaic (PV) cells and is converted to clean electricity.
  2. The inverter converts solar electricity from direct current to alternating current for use in the house.
  3. Connection to the electricity network allows any excess power to be fed back to the National Grid.
  4. During the day solar electricity is used, at night electricity is imported as normal.