Numerous Solar Power Advantages

solar power

Why You Should Call Our Solar PV Installers

Reducing Energy Consumption

  • A reliable and proven way to generate your own clean green electricity using the sun’s energy
  • Balancing the ever-rising average electricity consumption in the UK
  • The solar panels produce energy from daylight, not sunlight, so they still produce energy on overcast days
  • Solar panels are straightforward energy saving devices that easily create eco friendly houses

Benefiting the Environment

  • A solar panel installation can provide for all of your electricity needs as a reliable, sustainable energy source.
  • An easy way to reduce your home’s utility bills and carbon emissions simultaneously!
  • Energy efficient homes have much smaller carbon footprints compared to those who are not utilizing alternative energy sources

Reducing Energy Bills

  • Solar power is still a wise investment, even with the Feed-in Tariff scheme being reduced, as solar panel prices are dropping. You don't need to worry about further reductions as you'll always receive the rate the tariff is at when you install
  • Solar gives you a better rate of return -- typically (between 7-11%) than an ISA
  • By fitting solar panels to your home, you can reduce your electricity bills forever a protect your home from rising energy prices
  • The renewable energy generated by a solar panel installation is free, so you don't need to worry about increasing energy prices like you do for energy produced from fossil fuels, which is expected to get more expensive every year

Choosing Alternative Energy for an Eco Friendly Lifestyle

  • By installing solar panels on to your home you can feel like you're doing your bit for the UK economy by supporting British businesses
  • Solar power panels on your home demonstrate your commitment to clean, renewable energy whilst also maintaining the aesthetics of your home if you choose solar tiles or slates.