Why Synergy Power?

Reasons to Choose us for Renewable Energy

Why Synergy Power

First Class Service

Synergy Power provides its customers with a first class service that they would expect to receive themselves. From the moment you call us for the first time to the moment your solar PV system is turned on, we are committed to ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Personal Touch

Type When you trust Synergy Power with your renewable energy requirements, we ensure that you have a specific contact you can speak to regarding your installation. We are committed to keeping all of our customers happy and giving them the personal touch that can be easily lost in big corporations.here


We provide all our customers with advice after the solar panel installation. In addition, we are able to give advice and support on:

  • Your feed-in tariff application
  • The most suitable electricity suppliers
  • Any other questions or issues you might have

Highly Trained Renewable Energy Specialists

We know how important it is to speak to someone over the phone who has first class knowledge of renewable energy products. This is why, at Synergy Power, all of our staff highly trained for their specific job role. This ensures we are able to provide the best service we can to our customers.

Innovative Solar Power Solutions

At Synergy Power, we love innovative designs, bringing solar PV in line with 21st architecture. We are able to cater for a full range of renewable energy requirements, from simple and straightforward home photovoltaic systems to large, advanced industrial bespoke solar installations.

Manufacturer's Warranty

We strive to ensure that the renewable energy products we supply have sufficient warranties with them. Please ask for details.

Installation Guarantees on our Solar Installations

All of our installation work is carried out to an industry leading standard. For your peace of mind, we also offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee! How's that for service security?

Get in Touch

In short, with Synergy Power you are in the hands of dedicated renewable energy experts who are committed to excellence. We pride ourselves on offering quality solar products and installations, we are passionate about what we do for customers and for the environment.

For further information about our company and what we can do for you, please contact us.

We hope to hear from you soon.